A Word About Donations

You may have noticed we recently added a “Donate”   button to our website on various pages. We have done this so that, if readers who regularly go to our sermons or Bible studies feel they have benefited from them and want to offer a donation in return, we can give them that option.
It is not our intention to become the primary spiritual nourishment for people in other communities or states. If you have a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod church in your town or within driving distance, we encourage you to find your primary spiritual support through that group of believers. You can easily find the nearest church by clicking here  Locate Your Nearest WELS Church!
We do have a number of members who are away from our community because of school or military.  We are trying to keep feeding their faith through this website. It is not always easy or advisable to send regular offerings through the mail and, quite frankly, the younger generation doesn’t use checks any more. Debit cards and electronic banking are the payment options of choice. If any of the older generation starts to grouse about this, remember, your grandparents were probably chastised by the previous generation for putting IOUs (checks) in the offering plate instead of cash! We are giving our members another option to show their gratitude towards the Lord for all he has given them as well as making those thank offerings do double service by supporting the ongoing public ministry at Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church.
So, we are using Paypal, a tried and true provider of these services and a leader in confidentiality and security. The cost? 2.2% of the amount donated and the first $0.30 goes to Paypal.
If you have questions, please, feel free to e-mail us at gvelc@gvelc.com
Thank you for your continuing interest in our website.