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The (Real) Book of Mormon

Lesson 1 follows on this page.

Following Mark Cares' Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons, this four lesson course approaches outreach to Latter-day Saints on a basis of understanding, compassion and, above all, listening to what they are saying.  Written Fall of 2014.

Lesson One: Know the Goal

Lesson Two: Know Jesus

Lesson Three: Know the Authority

Lesson Four: Know Their Stress


 A Dozen Ways (to Give Less)

Why is it that the church always seems to be begging for money?  It's because they are always begging for money!

This light-hearted look at church stewardship puts its finger on the cause of most failures in church financing--they are using the Law instead of the Gospel to motivate their people.  By following these twelve Law Motivated methods, it is a guarantee that the church's long-range finances will suffer!

(interactive, multi-media)


Jesus and John

"These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, and that by believing in you may have life in his name," Saint John concludes his gospel.

Of course, we would expect the gospels to be about Jesus.  They tell the story of his life, deeds, words, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension. Everyone else takes second place.  Everyone else is part of the supporting cast.  And it shows!  None see eye-to-eye with Jesus all the time.  But there is one who fares much differently than the disciples in the gospels, one whose wrongs are not recorded, one who actually is pictured as a co-worker of Jesus.  It is his story that is the start of one Gospel.  All of Jesus' disciples had first been disciples of this man.  He is the one Jesus grandly praises and at several times uses as a support for his own ministry.

This is the story of the one whose life and work is so intertwined with Jesus that they could be mentioned in the same breath, and met by the authorities with the same fear.

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)


Mary, the First Christian

What to do with Mary?  Some pray to her billions of times a day.  Some expect her to perform a miracle and heal them.  Some receive messages from her.  Some petition the Pope that she be named Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix.

May we suggest that her faith is what made her great, that she is a fine example for believers to emulate, that her faith was founded upon the personal forgiveness of her sins, that she was the first Christian?

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

I'm Only Here For The...

Why do we go to church?  What are the benefits?  This study looks at several false reasons we go to church and focuses on the only real reason to go to and keep going to church.  This four week study includes examinations of the story of Cain and Abel, Ahaz and Jezebel, Job and the Apostle Paul.


 The Last Time I Teach the Last Times

Perhaps no topic is more requested than "The Last Times."  Members want to be regaled by teachings that tingle their spines, curdle their blood and damn rivals to a well-deserved hell.  All of the Bible's teachings on the Last Times are rooted in Jesus' teachings in Matthew 24-25 (his Eschatalogical Discourses).  I succumbed to my members' requests, but for this one time.  Hence, the title.

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

I, Caiaphas

 How did one man subvert justice in Jerusalem, oppose and dominate Roman power and win over a fickle public?  Find out how Caiaphas, the high priest at the time of Jesus' crucifixion, was able to defeat everyone who stood against him--except Jesus Christ!

I Caiaphas

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

 The Day of Resurrection

Did Jesus really rise?  What are the theories put forth to contradict the Bible's account of the Resurrection?  Will I rise?  What kind of body and life await me in heaven?  What impact does his resurrection have on my daily life?  All these questions and more are answered in this Bible study

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

  The B-I-B-L-E

We use it all the time, read it daily.  But what is the Bible?  How did it come to be?  Can we trust it?  What translation of the Bible would be good for us?  This course takes an in-depth look at how the Bible came to be.



The Pebble and The Rock

What did it mean to follow Jesus?  It becomes apparent as we follow Peter through the Gospels and the book of Acts, he had conflicting ideas!  So do we.  Look how Peter depended on Jesus that our faith may be built on the rock, too!

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

The Recipe for Joy

What is the Recipe for Joy?  How can I find joy in all occassions in my life?  Maybe it will take words written from prison.  Paul's Letter to the Philippians breathes a spirit of freedom in Christ that persecution and penitentiaries could not crush.  He knew of a hope his Roman captors were unaware.  Written in the early 60s AD, his words are as relevant and life-giving now as the day he penned them.  While awaiting his first trial in Rome, under house arrest, Paul gave his favorite congregation The Recipe for Joy

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

What Else Must I Do to Be Saved?

Ever wondered if faith in Jesus is all I need to get to heaven?  Am I missing something?  A lot of times, when we look around at other Christians, we may feel like we're missing a lot!  Whether it is third century charismatic movements, medieval work righeousness or 21st century law-driven megachurches, the question still haunts some Christians--what else must I do to be saved?

(interactive, New Testament Bible Study)

Overcoming Evil

Why would God do this to me, Pastor?  I have stopped trying to answer questions like that--our God asks us to believe in him.  He doesn't ask us to understand him.

 With that said, however, the problem of evil is only half answered.  God does what is best”trust him.

 There is a second half to that answer and the first book of the Bible gives it.  What is the Christian to think of evil in the world?  He is to overcome it.

(interactive, Old Testament Bible Study)