Moses Introduction

Moses, the Servant of the Lord


Why study the life of Moses?

Most of us have learned these stories in Sunday School and we hear enough about them in sermons.

"I know all about Moses."

"He was a big, important man in God's scheme of things”probably the most important prophet in the Old Testament.

"I know a lot about Moses, but there's nothing I can learn from Moses, because he's not like me."

I can't call down plagues on a nation.

 I can't part the Red Sea.

 I can't talk to God face to face.

 I can't lead a nation for 40 years”when I am 80 to 120 years old!

"It's just more of those dry, dusty historical facts the Old Testament is so filled with."

"Interesting¦but it doesn't have a lot to do with my life."

I think we all are tempted to think that.

But try viewing the life of Moses a different light....