Catechism Students

I am proud to be your teacher of Catechism this year. This year you will be able to find all of the handouts from class, along with your assignments here on this page.

Online Quizzes are due by 8:00 am the day of class time.

Please have your memory work ready to go when you walk into class. 

I look forward to having a great year with you while we learn and grow in faith and understanding of our awesome God. 

Pastor Paul Kolander

  1. Assignments 
    1. Week one (Sept 1)
      1. Show up
      2. Be ready to learn
      3. Bring your catechism, Bible, and a writing utensil
      4. Bring your Gmail address
    2. Week two (Sept 8th)
      1. Complete online quiz
        1. (Click here)
      2. Memory work
        1. Books of Bible 
          1. Genesis- Song of Songs
        2. Bible Passages
          1. 2 Timothy 3
          2. John 17
          3. John 3
    3. Week three (Sept 15th)
      1. Complete online quiz 
        1. (Click here)
      2. Memory Work
        1. BoB- Whole Old Testament
        2. Psalm 119
        3. Matthew 22
        4. First Commandment with WDTM (What does this mean)
    4. Week four (Sept 22nd)
      1. Complete Online quiz
        1. (Click here)
      2. Memory Work
        1. Bob- Matthew- Colossians 
        2. Commandments 1-3 
    5. Week five (Sept 29th)
      1. Complete Online Quiz
        1. Click here
      2. Memory Work
        1. Books of the Bible- All of New Testament
        2. Fourth Commandment with the What does this mean
        3. Fifth commandment with the What does this mean. 
        4. Click here for Print out of Memory work
    6. Week 6 (October 6th)
      1. Complete Online Quiz
        1. Click here
      2. Memory Work
        1. 6th Commandment and what does this mean
        2. 7th Commandment and what does this mean
        3. 8th Commandment and what does this mean
        4. Matthew 19:5-6
        5. For Memory Work Print out Click here 
    7. 8th and 9th and 10th Commandments October 13th
      1. The quiz was up late last week... There is one but it is just extra credit click here
      2. Memory work! 9th and 10th commandments with the WDTM
      3. Matthew 18:15
    8. TEST WEEK October 20th
      1. Here is the Test I will Give you word for word. The answers will show up after you answer. I will average your test with this test if you fill it out! Click Here
      2. Here is the pretest for the memory work. If you fill this out and bring it to me I will give you 10 extra credit points Click here 
    9. October 27th
      1. No assignment
    10. November 3rd 
      1. 1st Article with the WDTM (Printout here)
      2. Online Quiz
      3. Return Make-up tests
    11. November 10th 
      1. 2nd article with the first paragraph of WDTM 
      2. Online Quiz 
    12. November 17th
      1. 2nd Article with all of the WDTM
      2. Extra Credit Quiz
    13. December 1st
      1. Quiz
      2. Memory work
    14. December 8th
    15. December 15th
      1. TEST 
      2. Fill out memory work section for 50% boost to grade
      3. Test Review

Quiz Links

Quiz Retake sheets

Sept 22nd

Sept 29th

Memory work 

Sept 15th

Sept 22nd

Sept 29th

October 20th, TEST 1

November 3rd

November 10th