High School Youth Group

High School Youth Group


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Had a great time on Mount Charleston--sorry, it was 8.8 miles, instead of 5.2, but who's counting?

Ice skating was a great way to break up a day during Christmas break.  And Metro Pizza was delish (tho' we had to wait a bit).

Our "Howl at the Moon" Movie night was so good, we decided to try something like it!

Drive-in Movie Nite!  We did it!  We recreated a movie drive-in.  Food was good.  It was a little cold and we started too late to show off with the skateboards.  But we'll give it another shot soon!

Lake Mead Hike was great (except for the crowds at the end and the..., well, let's just say we had a good time.  Better planning next time, tho.

What next??

Pastor Pieper