When Will the Temple Be Destroyed?


When will the Temple be destroyed?  (Matthew 24.15-25)
Why do these verses take up the majority of this discourse?  We could care less when the Temple would be destroyed!
The Jewish believers of that generation are going to be directly impacted by the fall of Jerusalem.  Jesus gives them very graphic warning signs about when the city is about to be destroyed.
What is the holy place?
The Temple in Jerusalem.
What is going to happen there?
An "abomination that causes desolation" will be placed in it.  It seems that this refers to the placing of either the placing of legion standards in the Temple or, more likely, some sort of statue to Caesar which was attempted to be installed in the Temple.
The prophet Daniel predicted the destruction of Jerusalem.  The most detailed account is in Daniel 9.26-27!
Fill in the chart to find out who is who and what is when!

Anointed One
The Savior, Jesus Christ
Cut off
Ruler who will come

What are the believers to do when they see “the abomination which causes desolation” standing in the Temple?
Flee from the city
(It is interesting to note that the Christian community escaped the destruction of Jerusalem unscathed.)
Why would false Christs arise near the fall of Jerusalem?
Charismatic zealots would claim to be the Christ to throw off the Roman armies and restore Jewish independence.  When the city fell, the Romans were helped by the fact that there were no less than three self-proclaimed Messiahs fighting each other as much as they were fighting the Romans.  In desperation the darkened human heart will turn to the most foolish of hopes.
How great would the destruction of Jerusalem be?
Complete--not a stone would be left standing upon another.
(Josephus tells us that in the final days of the fighting, when the Romans were attacking the Temple itself in the narrow streets around Jerusalem, the blood was flowing in the streets up to the horses’ bridles!)
Why does Jesus tell his followers about the fall of Jerusalem?
He does not want them to be caught and destroyed in the fall. 
The Temple fell in 70 AD.