Sunday School 2020-2021

Sunday School will be held virtually for the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue to use the Growing in Christ curriculum. Teachers will tape lessons and these will be posted on our website. Enrichment materials and crafts will be available for pickup from the church. These will help reinforce the lessons. Pastor Pieper will preach with a special segment of each sermon geared towards the children. 

Virtual Classes begin September 13th!

Our Sunday School lessons follow the wonderful Growing in Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing. These lessons lead children through the saving truths of God's Word. We practice a "head, heart, hand" approach to Sunday School.  We teach the stories they need to know, stories which they will keep with them their whole life.  We seek to be instruments of the Holy Spirit as he builds up faith inside our students through the stories' Gospel truths. Our teaching directs the children to be active in their faith in their home, among friends and at school. Sunday School serves children age 3 through those in grade 8 and is taught by a dedicated staff of lay people chosen from the membership of Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church. Classes meet in our preschool building and in the church classrooms upstairs.